It is so easy to use, fast and convenient. Try our new, online website which contains our entire takeaway menu. VEL Restaurant is at 51 St George's Rd,  Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1EF. You can now Order Online, all your favourite dishes. We offering you a delicious variety of Chicken Dishes, Delicious Tandoori and Soups have them delivered straight to your door in no time. Here at VEL Restaurant, we are constantly striving to improve our service and quality in online takeaway ordering to give our customers the very best experience. We hope you enjoy our online ordering website and our takeaway delicious food. Bon appetite!

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You can now relax at home and order your favourite, freshly prepared Chicken Dishes, Delicious Tandoori and Soups from VEL Brighton. You can even pay online! VEL Brighton will always be offering great food at affordable prices and we are the Best Restaurant in Brighton.

Please feel free to browse our new website and place your order online.Thank you for visiting VEL Brighton. Don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed your meal by leaving your feedback.

We at Brighton are among the top fast food takeaways and restaurants in offering great fast food at affordable prices.

VEL Brighton

“We came in late and you were full, but you squeezed us in at 9pm last night. So glad you did. It’s our second visit and the atmosphere and food was outstanding. We’ll be back with friends soon 💕 ”

Abbie Pound, 24/07/2021

“Authentic, flavourful and delicious. ”

Wan Amir, 23/06/2021

“Excellent south Indian food, vadas were crisp and light, dosais were delectable, idlis soft and supple and all the accompanying chutneys and sambar yummy. Ending the lunch with the quintessential filter coffee which was served in traditional copper glass and bowl, strong and totally refreshing. A great place for authentic south Indian food very friendly staff. Must visit if u are in Brighton. ”

Chandrani Das, 02/06/2021

“Friendly atmosphere, food was tailored to our needs, mushroom manchurian was just yummy 10/10 with the added crispyness, chicken curry and Dhal with spinach was very tasty, being a fellow Indian as you can imagine, we are very fussy with our Indian food, but this didn’t disappoint us at all. Definitely worth a visit when in Brighton, highly recommend.”

Kastur Meghani , 29/05/2021

“Amazing food and service. ”

Caroline Oprandi, 22/05/2021

“We’re new to Brighton and have had two other Indian takeaways that were average. However, the takeaway from VEL today has been the best food overall. We will be ordering again very soon. ”

Stephen , 06/05/2021

“Best food. Great taste, awesome customer service, Highly recommended, will order again and again... authentic Indian food”

Jay Patel, 02/05/2021

“Excellent food. A taste of home for me (my family are South Indian). The food was fresh, hot and really tasty. The hot pepper rasam and coconut rice were exceptional and my partner who had the mutton pepper curry and pilau rice didn’t speak throughout the meal other than to say how tasty it was and how much he was enjoying it! (Always a good sign!) Thanks Vel team. We really enjoyed your food and look forward to visiting when you re-open soon. ”

Claire , 02/05/2021

“Excellent food - thank you ”

James Foley, 24/04/2021

“Very good food and quick and friendly service. Highly recommend the place. ”

Hannah Pernerup, 30/10/2020

“Is your restaurant I’m open for dine in now?”

ashish kumar, 16/08/2020


Matthew Norman, 14/06/2020


Yasmin Mackney, 10/06/2020


Emma Buck, 04/06/2020


Rebecca Evans Evans, 01/06/2020

“great meal as usual!”

Dace Ozols, 28/04/2020

“great food”

Sheldon Daniel, 21/04/2020



“Great food!”

Dace Ozols, 17/02/2020

“Excellent food. Excellent service”

Tom Howley, 18/01/2020

“Amazing food”

Eva Oglialoro, 24/12/2019

“Absolutely gorgeous. ”

Matt Hall, 17/12/2019